Moodle System(Learning Management System)

Center for Information Science(CIS) provides a learning management system(LMS) called “Moodle System” as a learning platform on campus.

Moodle System makes it easy to…

  • Publish your course website, including online message forum that makes your lecture more interactive.
  • Share files made in Word, Power Point, Excel, and various other programs. Audio/Video files can be also uploaded.
  • Set up assignments and review submitted ones and add comments.

If your courses are officially the ones KIT provides, the uses of this system are always welcomed. Moodle System is available in 365 days a year, so this system is helpful for the student’s self-study support.

The Moodle courses are created automatically by linking the data that KIT Educational Affairs Division provides. You don’t need any application.

If you have your CIS account, you can get started with this system so soon!

We welcome KIT faculty members to become Moodle users!