How to use Shared Computers

Press the power button on a computer

Press the power button on a computer.(In case a monitor turns off, press the power button on it, too).
Press the power button on a computer.

CIS provides dual-boot Windows(Windows 10)/Linux(Ubuntu22.04) computers.
Choose the Operation system you want to boot.

How to log on

  • Windows(Windows 10)

    1. Make sure that the computer is joined to the Domain “SYSTEM11”.
    2. Enter your username and password.
    3. Click “OK” button or press Enter key.
  • Linux(Ubuntu22.04)

    1. Enter your username and press Enter key.
    2. Enter your password and press Enter key.

NOTE: Both Windows and Linux passwords are case sensitive. You must be sure to enter the password in exactly the same way you did when it was created.

How to find and launch programs

  • Windows(Windows 10)

    • After clicking “Start” or pressing “Windows key”, launch the program by scrolling through your all apps list.
    • After clicking “Search box” at the task bar, type the name of the app you want to use.
  • Linux(Ubuntu22.04)

    • Use “Activity” on the top left, then search for an app’s name you want to use.

How to Print

You can print to printers at study/seminar room. Access the link for detailed information.