Wi-Fi connection with browser-based authentication(KITnetW)

When you are in KIT, you can set up Wi-Fi connection with browser-based authentication.

Wi-Fi access points are installed at the locations below.

Matsugasaki Campus

Name of Building Name of Room
Center for Information Science West Wing-Administrative Room
West Wing-Seminar room(×2)
East Wing-corridor
Building No. 1 0111 Lecture Hall
#119 Chemistry Laboratory
0121 Lecture Hall
#311 Laboratory
#301(3F Conference Room of Graduate Schools)
Building No. 2 North Wing #102
North Wing-#113
South Wing-2F corridor
South Wing-#125
South Wing-#335
Building No. 3 1F Hall
2F 2nd Conference Room
2F Special Conference Room
0311 Lecture Hall
0312 Lecture Hall
0313 Lecture Hall
0331 Lecture Hall
Building No. 5 2F CIS Seminar Room
Building No. 6 0612 Lecture Hall
Building No. 7 2F corridor
Building No. 8 1F office
0821 Lecture Hall
Building No. 10 2F corridor
Building No. 11 1132 Lecture Hall
Building No. 12 2F corridor
3F Joint Library of Applied Chemistry
Building No. 13 2F corridor
4F Multipurpose Room
Building No.15 1F N104 Technical Area(×2)
1F N105 Multipurpose Collaboration Area
2F N201 Communication Area
2F #N201
2F #N204
2F N205 Remote Lecture Room
2F N207 Tech Salon(×2)
3F N301 Multipurpose Collaboration Area(×2)
3F N304 Multipurpose Collaboration Area
3F N305 Meeting Room
Center Hall 1F Office(×2)
2F Main Conference Room
3F Projection Room
Museum and Archives 1F corridor
1F corridor
2F corridor
2F corridor
3F laboratory
3F Seminar Exhibition Room
3F Warehouse3
Liaison Center-South Wing 2F corridor
Research Laboratories 2F corridor
Student Center 1F Fujikatsu ARS(×2)
2F Student Affairs
2F Lounge
KIT HOUSE 1F Cafeteria
Design Factry 1F Administrative Room
Villa KIT 1F Conference Room
2F corridor
60th Anniversary Hall 1F Hall
2F Hall
East Building No. 1 1F Lobby
2F corridor
3F corridor
4F corridor
5F corridor
E121 Lecture Hall
East Building No. 2 2F corridor
3F corridor
4F corridor(×2)
East Building No. 3 K101 Lecture Hall
K203 Lecture Hall
Former-Headquarters 2F corridor
3F corridor
University Library 1F Magazine Room
2F Reading Zone(×2)
3F Global Commons 3-A
Locker Room #101
College House Matsugasaki 1F corridor(×2)
2F corridor(×2)
3F corridor(×2)
4F corridor(×2)
5F corridor(×2)

Saga Campus

Name of Building Name of Room
Center for Bioresource Field Science Administrative/Training Building-2F corridor
Administrative/Training Building-#205
Gakudo Kalkan #101(Training Room(Large))
Drosophila Genetic Resource Center 1F corridor
2F corridor

Kyotango Campus

Name of Building Name of Room
Center for Collaborative Research 1F Hall
1F #107(Seminar Room)

Fukuchiyama Campus

Name of Building Name of Room
Building No.100 1F Center
Building No.200 2F Remote Lecture Hall