You need a CIS account in order to use the CIS services, such as e-mail, internet, printing, and so on.
It differs by degrees or positions as below. Check and refer to each points.

  • Account Types

    • domain (For Students)
    • domain (For Faculty/staff members)
    • Course Guest Account
  • How long will it take to process your application?

    Setting accounts is weekly-based. If you apply on Monday-Friday, you can recieve your account after the next Wednesday.
    You need to bring your ID card to apply and visit the center to recieve. We can’t send your account through KIT campus postal service.

  • Services Available

    When you get your account, the services below are available.

    You need to pass the quiz to make the services below available.
    Faculty & staff members are automatically given the permission to use the services below.

    • E-mail
    • VPN Browser(Using the VPN Browser allows access to resources such as websites that are only accessible within KIT.)
    • SSH(Using SSH allows you to connect Front Server from outside KIT.)
    • Publish your own website
    • Printers at CIS

In order to make the services available, follow the steps