Video Conferencing System(Hardware)

CIS offers MCU(Multipoint Control Unit)-based Video Conferencing System, which would facilitate remote lectures and conferences.
The video stream delivers high image quality such as full 1080p HD, suited for our Center Hall and Lecture Hall.

Installed Systems

  • Polycom RMX1500(MCU)
    Allowing participants to combine video conferencing endpoints with different resolutions(HD and SD).
  • Polycom HDX-8006XLP | 0111 Lecture Hall, Building No.1
    Equipped with SONY EVI-HD1 as PTZ camera which features multiple views.
  • Polycom HDX-8006XLP | Center Hall
    Polycom Vortex EF2210(echo canceller)
  • Polycom HDX8006X | 1F Hall, 60th Anniversary Hall
  • Polycom HDX-8006XL | Seminar room, Center for Information Science
  • Polycom HDX-8006XL | Seminar Room, Building No. 5
  • Polycom HDX-7002XL | Conference Room, Center for Information Science
  • Polycom RealPresenceGroup500 | 2F N205 Remote Lecture Room
  • Polycom RealPresenceGroup500 | Gakudo Kalkan #101(Training Room(Large)), Saga Campus
  • Polycom HDX8000 | 2F Remote Lecture Hall, Fukuchiyama Campus
  • Polycom RealPresenceGroup500 | 1F Center, Fukuchiyama Campus
  • Polycom RealPresenceGroup500 | Center for Collaborative Research 1F Seminar Room, Kyotango Campus
  • Polycom RealPresenceGroup500 | The Northern Industrial Creation Center, Ayabe
  • Polycom RealPresenceGroup500 | Regional Collaborative Technocenter Meeting Room, Maizuru
  • Polycom RealPresenceGroup500 | 3F Conference Room 7, Building No.3

How to apply

Fill out the application form below and send it to .

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