Shared Computers

Shared computers which are dual-boot Ubuntu 22/Windows 10 are available.

  • Location

    Students have free access to computers located below.

    Location Machine Numbers Opening Hours
    Center for Information Science・Study room 11 Mondays to Fridays 9:00~17:00
    The study room opens 17:00~20:00 during the lecture and exam periods.
    Center for Information Science・Seminar room 43 Mondays to Fridays 9:00~17:00(Classes have priority.)
    Building No. 5 2F・CIS Seminar Room 47 Classes by reservation only
    Building No. 15 2F・15N Seminar Room 46 Classes by reservation only
    University Library 1F・Web Browsing Corner 23 Library Opening Hours
    University Library 3F・Web Browsing Room 22 Library Opening Hours
    Building No. 2・PC Corner

    Opening hours may be changed without notice due to system maintenance, etc. Refer to the information at the top of the page.

  • Saved Data Location(Home Directory)

    Each CIS account is provided with 1GB data location(home directory) for saving, which is displayed as “z-drive” on shared PC.

    The data below will be saved at your “z-drive”. Please manage your disk space properly.

    • Desktop Data(Z:\Desktop\)
    • Personal data stored in web browser(Firefox)(Z:\Firefox\)
    • Personal data stored in email client(Thunderbird)(Z:\Thunderbird\)
    • NOTE:”z-drive” has no trash box. If you delete files or folders, they will be deleted completely.
  • Restrictions on Use

    The users of shared PC must observe the restrictions as follows.

    Once you restart the computer, all default settings except your own’s will be re-read.
    Users are NOT allowed to install softwares, which require administrative role.