[Matsugasaki campus] Campus Network Connection(KITnet) Unavaliable Due to Planned Power Outages

Although planned power outages is scheduled for Oct 21, 2023, this will NOT affect any CIS services except for Network Connection(KITnet) at Matsugasaki campus.

All CIS services(such as Moodle, Webex, Nextcloud, FileSender, Office365, etc) will be available.

(*)If the scheduled day is postponed, Power Outages will be rescheduled for Oct 22, 2023. In that case, we would like to inform you by e-mailing.

Depending on the power recovery time, the outage period may be extended. We will post an update on the website as soon as the work is completed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions and concerns, please access our online form
and make an inquiry via the link “Get assistance for general IT problems and questions”.